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Why do we use Cookies?

To enhance and personalise your experience while using our websites, we use Cookies that are stored on your computer or mobile device through your browser. Cookies are small text files that are kept in our computer. If you are not blocking cookie usage through your browser, you are agreeing with this Cookies policy.


What type of Cookies do we use?

Some cookies that are stored on your computer drive, while you are browsing this website, are called Session Cookies that will be deleted after you close your browser session. Other Cookies will still be kept on your computer to remember your preferences as language preferences the next time you will visit your site (called Persistent Cookies). Besides these two Cookies’ types, there are other categories regarding its functionality:


  1. Strictly necessary Cookies – allow our websites to work correctly.
  2. Functional Cookies  – they save some settings or preferences from your previous website usage to guarantee that those settings are kept the next time you visit us.
  3. Analytics and performance Cookies – they allow us to monitor the usage of our websites, for statistical purposes, as well as to help us to be aware of the website performance issues so that you can assure a better user experience.
  4. Cookies for digital ads and personalisation – these Cookies will direct you to digital ads that are related to your usage of our website.


Third-party Cookies – these Cookies are originated by other sites and domains that are external from Dona and allow you to have a personalised experience with targeted digital ads. They also may store statistics about our website usage. Currently, we use third-party cookies from Google, which have its own privacy policy.


How can I disable Cookies?

You can disable Cookies through your browser settings. However, it may compromise our websites’ usage. Below you can find a direct link for the main browsers’ settings if you wish to disable your cookies:

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For a better understanding of how you can manage your cookies, please check If you intend to stop sending data to Google Analytics, that is mainly used for statistical purposes, you can do so through

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